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  • People vs Ware

    People vs Ware
    (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Possession of Marijuana)
    44th District Court Royal Oak

    Facing two charges, this client eventually walked away with no convictions. This result may not have been achieved without a pretrial motion.

    Trooper Gavin arrested Clint for Operating Under the Influence of Marijuana (OUID) and Possession of Marijuana. I filed a Motion to Suprress the stop and the arrest. During the questioning the trooper testified contrary to his report and did not appear credible. The judge did not suppress any of the evidence but the prosecutor offered to dismiss the OUID if he pled to Possession of Marijuana under 7411, a statute that allows the accused to plea to a case and eventually have it dismissed. Clint accepted the plea offer, successfully completed probation, and the case was dismissed.