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  • People vs Tringalli

    People v. Tringalli 
    (Boating Under the Influence) 51st District Court Waterford

    This case was dismissed after Opening Statements at trial. Although the breathalyzer read .10, the prosecutor realized it was a tough climb.

    An Oakland County Sheriff who was on a power trip decided to stop Bob’s boat. He was on an evening cruise with his wife and another couple. The deputy asked Bob to stand on one leg while on his boat, which sounds pretty fair. Bob took a breathalyzer and it registered at .10. After we selected a jury and did opening statements in Waterford, the prosecutor realized he had a losing argument and dismissed the case.

    Two years later while snowboarding at Pine Knob a juror from this case approached me and told me that he was disappointed the case was dismissed. He said he was looking forwarded to watching the government get a whoopin. I personally preferred that the prosecutor surrender.