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  • People vs Jones

    People v. Jones
    (Drunk Driving) 52-3 District Court Rochester Hills

    In the same court with the same prosecutor as the above case, I showed that jury that Rita Jones swerved to avoid hitting an animal, and the jury agreed. Ms. Jones was found Not Guilty.

    The verdict in the case of People v. Bendle was taken during a break in this trial. Ms. Jones was now being tried by the same prosecutor, in front of the same Judge. Rita got into a one car accident and registered a .08 on the breathalyzer. She said that a deer ran out into the street and she had to swerve to save the deer’s life.

    A witness for the prosecution testified that when he first heard the accident he thought a car had hit his dog, a Great Dane. This helped give credence to the deer story. During cross examination I proved to the jury that the deputy gave her unfair tests. For example, she had to walk heel to toe on a gravel road riddled with potholes. This deputy also allowed the in car video to be destroyed by putting it into evidence. Her jury found her NOT GUILTY.