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    As a sex crime lawyers, we rely on early investigation when working to protect you. We visit and photograph the scene, interview witnesses, file pretrial motions and develop a logical theory that will prove your innocence to a jury. We also force the State to preserve forensic evidence to make sure that every aspect of your defense is fully developed.

    The greatest advantage that we offer is that we are trial lawyers committed to winning above all else. Many people believe that they will get the best representation from a former prosecutor. However, former prosecutors like mercenary soldiers become defense lawyers for the money, while our team became defense lawyers because we care about justice.

    Not all law firms are the same! Where most Criminal Defense Attorneys work alone, the Ambrose Law Group has a staff of trial lawyers to investigate, prepare, and defend you at trial! The lawyers of the Ambrose Law Group are graduates of the National Criminal Defense CollegeThe Western Trial Advocacy Institute, and Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College.

    We discover the story of your case by gathering a group of experienced trial lawyers and use the methods developed at the Trial Lawyers College. We get into the mind of the accuser and the opposing witnesses so that we can understand their motives. For example, the inmate who accused Doug Koester of sexual assault wanted special treatment and had also filed a lawsuit against the county.


    Many lawyers try to tell you that they actually care about something other than your money and their reputation. Ask them if you can contact the last ten people who they went to trial for and see what they have to say. It is extremely unlikely that you can find one criminal defense trial lawyer who has even tried 10 cases in the last year, let alone WON that many! Many of our clients allow us to use their actual names and have given us video testimonials.

    Other lawyers want you to believe that they are “great”, that they are your “best defense”, and that they “care”. We say, “don’t let your mouth write checks that your bank can’t cash!” See how evasive they become when you start asking tough questions.






    If the false accusation involves a custody dispute, maintain a positive relationship with your children. They may not understand the allegations they have made against you and are not likely to be ultimately responsible for the false allegations. If the accusations involve children other than your own, remove yourself from situations where the children are present. If such situations are unavoidable, have another adult in attendance at all times when you are around the children.
    Even if you know the accusations are false, take them seriously and obtain legal help, but try to continue your normal life. It may be helpful to remind yourself that societal interests require that all child sexual-abuse accusations be investigated. With the strong legal support of an experienced criminal defense TRIAL LAWYER attorney, you will be in a better position to overcome the false allegations.


    If you are innocent of claims brought against you, you may assume that the truth will prevail. However, you must not passively sit back and wait when falsely accused. Even if you know that you are innocent, even if you believe that the truth will prevail or have faith that the accuser will change his or her mind, you must immediately consult with an attorney who can safeguard your interests and assist you in the charges being brought against you. Call Dan Ambrose’s cell at 248-808-3130 or email him at
    Do not admit to anything you did or did not do. Sometimes, admitting to a lesser charge may seem easier than defending yourself, but a sex-offense conviction has many long-lasting and far-reaching implications that can affect your future employment, friendships and family relationships. If you are falsely accused of a sex offense, you cannot risk delaying your defense. A proven criminal defense trial lawyer can help you fight your false charge.