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  • Drugs and Narcotics Lawyer

    Drugs and Narcotics Lawyer

    We are Michigan criminal lawyers located in Walled Lake, Troy, Berkley, Roseville, and Oxford. We offer FREE case evaluations, and will give you personalized advice and information so that you know what you are up against and understand what defenses you have. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the resources to protect you.

    Who We Are.

    • We are the Ambrose Law Group. We have combined decades of trial expertise in the defense of alleged drug offenders.

    • Daniel Ambrose was trained by Gerry Spence at the Trial Lawyer’sCollege. He has tried over 115 jury trials for the defense.

    • Our willingness to fight drug charges regardless of the cost to us has generated phenomenal results for our clients.

    • One of the keys to our success is our willingness and preparation in fighting overzealous prosecutors at all levels of the government.

    Who We Help.

    • We accept cases related to all alleged types and quantities of illegal drugs — marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy and pharmaceuticals.

    • Whether you have been charged with possession, use, trafficking, manufacture and cultivation, or Possession with Intent to Deliver, The Ambrose Law Group is ready to defend your rights.

    How We Help.

    • Our approach is extremely focused. We do in-depth investigations of the facts and laws involved.

      • Did the police perform an illegal search?
      • Did they use untrained drug dogs?
      • Did they interrogate you in violation of your Constitutional Rights?

      We’ll find out. And we’ll use this information to keep evidence against you out of the courtroom.

      You can’t keep yourself out of jail by just reading about it on the Internet.

      • If you want to read about Michigan criminal law, the Internet is a good place to start.

      • But, if you or someone you love has been arrested on drug charges, you’re going to need more.

      • You need real information about your specific case. Information you can use to help build a successful defense strategy that keeps you out of jail.