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  • Domestic Violence Lawyer

    Domestic Violence Lawyer

    DOMESTIC VILOENCE crimes are assaults or batteries committed against someone related to you, someone you live with, someone you have a child with, someone you are dating, or someone you have previously had a relationship with. There are two possible charges:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Aggravated Domestic Violence


    You are accused. The Judge will tell you not to talk so you do not incriminate yourself, which is true under the Constitution. In the meantime though, being silent is not helping you to get out of jail or back into your own home.  When police respond to an argument or disturbance, there is one thing that has a high probability of happening:


    Cops are not just going to walk away if a spouse or girlfriend says you assaulted her. From this point on, you are labeled with the tag of Defendant. If you are charged, now the entire criminal justice system has you labeled.


    Judges are aware that society and their legislators want them to be “tough on crime”.  Herein lies the problem; the public considers anyone arrested a criminal, and therefore you will probably be told that you cannot contact the other party–not even through a friend or in writing.

    Here are some unfair situations that Defendant’s face:

    • Being stuck in jail
    • Unable to go to their own home
    • Unable to discuss Bills or Family Issues
    • Difficulty in Seeing Your Children
    • No Access to their Own Property

    An attorney can draft the right motion to try and remove any bond condition that is imposed. Otherwise, an attorney can arrange for supervised entry into your home so you can get together your necessary belongings and property for work and daily life. Remember, it’s rare that a Judge or Prosecutor will ask how a bond condition will affect you..