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    Michigan DUI Lawyer

    We are Michigan Drunk Driving lawyers located in Walled Lake, Troy, Berkley, Roseville, and Oxford. We offer FREE case evaluations in which we will give you personalized advice and information so you know what you are up against and understand what defenses you have. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the resources to protect you.

    Not all law firms are the same! Where most Criminal Defense Attorneys work alone, the Ambrose Law Group has a whole staff of trial lawyers to investigate, prepare, and defend you at trial! The lawyers of the Ambrose Law Group are graduates of the National Criminal Defense CollegeThe Western Trial Advocacy Institute, and Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College.

    We engage in full discovery of every case. We cannot advise you on the best course of action until we know everything about your case. When we are hired, we immediately demand the police reports, in-car videos, and booking videos before the police have an opportunity to destroy them. Only after having reviewed the police reports and videos can we advise you on how to best resolve your case.

    Drunk Driving in Michigan is defined as: any time you drive a car while intoxicated by alcohol or with an excessive presence of a prescription drug or any amount of illegal drugs in your system. You can be charged with any of the following offenses: